Divine Intervention Energy Healing shifts people quickly and in a very profound way.


I feel that there is nothing that cannot be healed, shifted or repaired with Divine Intervention, which is actually a Shamanistic Healing that connects us as a whole to Spirit. All physical, emotional, mental or spiritual imbalances can be healed at the same time.

What You May Experience In A Healing Session With Paula

It is like opening a floodgate and allowing the water to flow. It takes off layers of energy that no longer serve us and allows our light to shine. It’s like having an energetic treatment at a spa, and it may be the most profound healing you will ever experience!

Feeling lighter - energy healing session with Paula Sockolich

You take a Quantum Leap forward and receive very powerful Ancient Healing as I intuitively guide you on your life path and assist you in all aspects of your healing.


Some people experience a daydream or subtle physical sensations as they relax during an in-person healing session or remotely.


I stay present with you and work with your energy field, removing negativity and infusing more light as I rebalance your energetic body. I also share the messages I receive from Spirit that are specific to you and for you to be consciously aware of in order to effectively heal.


Chakras are balanced and healed as well. Clients frequently comment on how much lighter and focused they feel immediately after the healing. You will feel a sense of renewal.


I invite you to reflect on what you need to have healed prior to the session. Please make a list of your concerns and any questions you may have. Tune into your body — you know in your heart what and where you need to heal. Meditate upon it and share it with me at the beginning of the healing session.


Wherever you are on this planet or in your healing journey…I can help you.