Turquoise - Why Is It Known As The Master Healing Stone?

Turquoise: Why Is It Known As The Master Healing Stone?

Turquoise is perhaps the oldest stone in our history, and it carries great truth within it.


It was first mined in Egypt over 5,000 years ago, and it was the talisman of Kings, Shamans, and Warriors. The name is derived from the French, Pierre Turquoise meaning Turkish stone because of the trade routes that brought it to Europe from the mines in Central Asia that went through Turkey.


It holds energy of wisdom, nobility and the power of immortality. It has spanned all cultures and is a powerful stone prevalent in Native American Culture.

The Blue-Green Gemstone of Clarity & Stress Relief

The blue-green color of turquoise correlates to the third eye, throat, and heart chakras. It strengthens the energy of those chakras in the physical, emotional and spiritual planes. It purifies the lungs, soothes and clears sore throats, and helps heal the eyes.


Turquoise promotes leadership, helps to overcome writer’s block, and promotes clear communication. It brings clarity and balances male and female energies, and is a good absorber of negative energy and helps relieve stresses of all kinds.


It induces wisdom, strengthens your intuition, is grounding and is a stone of protection and purification. It also helps to focus on your heart center and assists in accessing past life knowledge. It brings happiness, good fortune, serenity, and peace.


It is a strengthening stone and is good for exhaustion and depression. It balances and aligns all the chakras, stabilizes mood swings and is good for panic attacks as it instills inner calm. It is a gemstone of emotional healing and wellbeing. It is a stone of self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and the release of useless regrets as it encourages us to honor ourselves.


It helps us let go of the need to punish others for past mistakes and embrace a more compassionate, forgiving nature. It is a heart-centered stone and gives us the freedom to release limitation and fear and manifest love and happiness. It clarifies the perception of beauty and encourages kindness and trust. Turquoise is spiritually gentle with us as we journey through life.


Immune Enhancing Vibrational Energy with Friendly Effects

The vibrational energy of this stone enhances the immune system, supports the absorption and assimilation of nutrients, stimulates the regeneration of tissue and helps heal the whole body. It holds anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties and helps alleviate cramps and pain, as it is a great neutralizer.


It is a symbol of friendship. It brings peace to the home and protects the domestic environment. It is also known for its restorative power. When placed in a room it can purify the space by spreading tranquility and comfort. As a gift, it symbolizes well wishes, good health and hopes for future prosperity.


It is a wonderful stone to take with you when traveling as it protects and keeps you grounded to Mother Earth.


The vibrational blue-green color of turquoise is associated with meaning of the feminine. It is refreshing, calming, sophisticated, energetic, creative, intuitive, and loyal. It holds energy of wisdom, serenity, wholeness good luck, love, joy, patience, and tranquility.

Why Turquoise is Known as the Master Healing Stone


Turquoise utilizes water energy and the energy of stillness, quiet strength and purification. Used in Feng Shui, this water element brings the power of regeneration and rebirth. It holds the energy of the circle of life and is used to enhance any space that is used for rest, meditation, calm reflection or prayer.


Water energy is associated with the north career and life path area of a room or space. It’s flowing energy helps balance the energy as your life unfolds and flows.

Here’s more about the distinct elements of Turquoise:

  • Zodiac is Sagittarius
  • Planet is Venus and Neptune
  • Element is Earth/Air/Fire
  • Color is Blue/Green
  • Chakra is Third Eye/Throat/Heart


Embrace the healing power of Turquoise and the sacred gifts it holds from Mother Earth.


Gemstones and crystals are an easy way to introduce higher vibrational energy into your life.

For a few more easy daily habits that will allow even more energy to flow into your healing journey, download the Guide to 3 Daily Habits That Will Create Wellness From Within by clicking the image below.

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