We all reach a point where we need to heal.

We all crave a deeper sense of wellness and balance.

We all want answers to our life path and to feel free, unrestricted, confident, peaceful and happy.

We all want to move past our blocks, negative patterns, and energy that holds us back to manifesting a truly vibrant life.

We want to manifest our own miracle…

We want to be well.

If you are ready to heal naturally and to see and feel results – then you are ready to meet Paula.

Hello, beautiful souls, I’m Paula. I am a Transformational Holistic and Spiritual Life Coach, Divine Intervention Energy Healer, and Holistic Educator focused on Natural Wellness and Vibrational Healing.


I am truly passionate about the way we heal, and my practice is a unique and integrative approach to balancing Western, Eastern and Ancient forms of Healing.


READ MORE about my background and how I was inspired to travel down my own path of creating wellness through experiencing my own health struggles and imbalances.

Vibrational Medicine is a subtle yet profoundly powerful medicine. It is the core of the Art and Science of Healing. All healing happens on a vibrational and spiritual level, as this is our true nature, it is who we really are.

This is where our focus needs to be.

I simplify the complex nature of the Scientific and the beauty of the Sacred Spiritual and combine the information and wisdom in an understandable, fresh, fun and modern way. I make sense of it all and I change lives. I am here to teach, inspire, empower, and help heal you on your path to wellness, wherever you are on your journey.

I provide the most powerful healing modality of Divine Intervention to jumpstart, quicken and amplify the aspect of you that need the most healing. Energetic blocks are removed and deeper spiritual aspects of you are healed, making way for you to move forward, lighter, brighter and healthier.

I practice Divine Intervention, a form of Energy Healing passed down through an unbroken lineage of Master Healers from Mexico and South America. It is a Shamanic Healing that works on the Quantum Level. This multidimensional modality heals the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies at once and restores harmony and balance. It manifests lasting change.

I do what I do because it matters, and because YOU matter.

Divine Intervention is one of the most sacred prayers known. It is extremely powerful and goes to the root cause and heals on a very deep level. It is a direct connection to Source, the creator, and healer of all. I’ve experienced it myself and have healed in a very profound way. I have seen many huge shifts and energy blocks removed in clients that were stuck in repetitive patterns for years no matter what they did.

Divine Intervention helps people overcome the darkness in their lives. It transforms the negative and fearful things into the light. It miraculously heals, and it is a sacred gift that can be used daily for the healing of all people and of all life on this earth, in this time of frenzied change.

Healing is very individualized. We all have different energy patterns and different issues we need to heal and overcome yet we all share common themes of imbalance. I incorporate a tapestry of many healing modalities. I connect you back to the natural approaches to vibrant health and empower you with tools you need to live a healthy and abundant life.

I help people create a new life with new beginnings, naturally.

Energy Healing may be unknown to many, but it is as real and as natural as your heartbeat. It is a powerful modality that is as ancient as our creation. It is safe, natural and accessible, and it is beginning to change the face of Health Care. It is my belief that Energy Medicine is the future of all medicine.

I invite you to step into a domain that exists beyond the world of appearances. The energy is within you. It is within all things, it vibrates and connects us all as part of the whole. Matter follows energy — that is the fundamental law of energy medicine.

When your energy is vibrant so is your body, your mind, your spirit and your soul. Energy healers shift energy and allow the Divine to heal and return all things to balance and a higher vibration.

May you have the courage to invest in yourself, to open your heart to how you truly heal and have faith that you are capable of creating your own health, with energy, vibration, intention and the Power of The Divine.

Get started today living a life you love from the inside out by integrating ancient healing techniques into your modern lifestyle.


The 3 Steps To Creating Wellness From Within