Shamanism: A Modern Day Perspective

Shamanism is the world’s oldest spiritual, practical and healing practice with evidence of existence going back hundreds of thousands of years.

It is not a religion but a way of understanding and interacting with the world.

Modern Shamanism is a healing art and it provides a pathway of sacred, practical action, allowing you to build inner resources and access guidance to become a positive and effective agent of change.

It cultivates spiritual alignment, abundance and love in your life and a natural sense of deep interconnection with the world, seen and unseen.

Shamanism is in every culture – and is universal truth

It’s meaning is derived from the language of Eastern Siberia meaning the “one who sees” or the “one who knows” reflecting the fact that the Shaman had access to realms where all knowledge was held. The ancient Shamans were the first scientists, doctors, priests, psycho-spiritual advisors, healers, and midwives. Out of their work, all modern versions grew.

It has returned as one of the great spiritual systems for awakening, healing, and transformation. The Shamanistic philosophy recognizes that there is a spiritual world as well as a physical one and that all physical things have spirit.

Shamanism in the modern world is being embraced by Westernized people as many people are searching for a spiritual connection. Religion is not fulfilling every level and the belief of control through fear is no longer appropriate for the level of consciousness that has manifested in the world today.

Shamanism offers a direct connection to spirit and an experiential relationship with the Divine directly and not through anyone else.

Shamanism helps us to reconnect with the Earth and all her rhythms and cycles

We have become very disconnected from the whole, that of which we are part of.

We live in homes that insulate us from the elements, so we don’t have a strong sense of seasons. We often forget to listen to the animal kingdom and the messages they are sharing with us, and we don’t have the time or opportunity to spend time in nature as we go about our increasingly busy lives.

Shamanic practices can help us to reconnect with and communicate with nature. It is this reconnection to nature and it’s energetic cycles that allow us to rebalance and thrive, the way we were meant to.

It allows us to reconnect with others and community to share and help each other as a collective. There’s no denying that we all suffer when we feel isolated.

Shamanism - A Modern Day Perspective | Paula Sockolich

Shamanism puts us directly in touch with the divine and in doing so we are in touch with the vast consciousness with an infinite capacity for knowledge, wisdom, healing as well as creative and artistic inspiration. You can connect for anything you could ever conceive of.

Shamanism is a practical, down to earth philosophy and collection of spiritual practices that help us on many different levels. It is grounded in the two worlds, spiritual and physical. This is the enduring strength of Shamanism and one of the reasons why it is of such interest and useful to modern people.

The Shamanistic perspective on disease is much different than the conventional medical view

The Shamanic view believes that similar symptoms or disease do not stem from the same underlying root energetic problem. Two people with the exact same problem may have completely different root energetic problems, and community disharmony often manifests as individual illness as well.


Any illness may have a significant underlying spiritual or energetic issue, regardless of the form in which that illness manifests be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or relational. We often see this with diseases that usually affect older people manifesting prematurely in a person’s life.


Take this ancient philosophy and apply it to modern life. It will bring you home to your highest self and assist all of humanity with transcending negative patterns. It fosters a soulful way of living on Mother Earth that truly benefits us all. It is the gateway to healing on a holistic level.

Explore this transformational shift in perspective with Paula as your guide.


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