Private Divine Intervention Energy Healing Sessions

*Distance or In-person*

At the present time,  I offer primarily Private Distance Healing Sessions for both current and new clients. Divine Intervention works on a Quantum Level and is easily done at a distance. It is just as powerful and often more convenient than scheduling an in-person session.


Private in-person sessions are limited to established clients (and their referrals) in the San Francisco Bay area. These are done in a relaxed setting, listening to beautiful music that holds healing frequencies, while you nestle comfortably on a healing table as the healing begins.


Private Distance Sessions are done in the exact same way as in-person except at a distance. We talk before via phone, Skype or Zoom to touch base and discuss what needs to be focused on and healed.


Clients love healing at a distance as it is convenient to schedule and they can refer back to the emailed notes to focus on the aspects of themselves that require attention. You can also choose to be present “live” on the call during the healing session.  No matter if you are on vacation or out of town you can receive a healing wherever you are.


Working one on one with me is fun, relaxing, refreshing and insightful. We get to the real issue, the deeper root cause of the problem or imbalance you are experiencing.


GO HERE for more about What To Expect In A Healing Session.


I have many clients that have had many different issues. Whatever is troubling you is what can be healed. What needs to get released from your energetic body that no longer serves you is released. What needs to remain, stays, and is infused with a higher vibration of light.


I have helped my clients experience better health and fulfilling relationships by resolving long-standing emotional conflicts and breaking away from unhealthy situations and relationships. They have let go of pain, loss, and fear and have welcomed abundance and joy into their lives on many different levels.


Paula provides you with the tools to restore, reconstruct, and transform your life.

I experienced relief, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and a greater overall awareness of self.

~ Jeannie, Walnut Creek, CA


I invite you to reflect on what you need to have healed prior to the session. Please make a list of your concerns and any questions you may have. Tune into your body, you know in your heart where you need to heal. Meditate upon it and we will speak briefly for about 10 minutes to focus on what needs to be addressed prior to starting the full 1-hour session.


Single sessions are about 1 hour and are $200/session.


No refunds for healing sessions. Cancellation policy: we require a 24 hour cancellation notice. If you cancel your appointment in less than 24 hours, we do require payment in full. Thank you for your understanding.

Teleconferences and Group Healings

Coming soon…I will be offering a variety of topics and the energetics of disease and imbalances. My mission is to serve as many people as I can and empower them with the knowledge and insight needed to heal.



Price points for group healings will be accessible to all.

In-Depth Life Coaching, Healing & Intuitive Awareness Program

I will be offering this Transformational Program in 2018 for clients who are ready to commit and truly change their lives. Working in depth with me on your journey will transform you like never before.


Spiritual growth, physical and emotional healing and overall wellness specifically designed for you in this coaching program are accelerated by Divine Intervention Energy Healing.


Energetic blocks are removed and the aspects of you that need the most attention are healed very quickly which allows you move forward in your life with more grace and ease.


This revolutionary approach to coaching and healing will change the way you live your life.  Happiness, Peace, Abundance and overall wellbeing will be easily manifested.


Take a quantum leap and invest in this unique healing modality.

Retreats, Seminars & Workshops

Coming soon! The Event calendar for 2018 is in the works and we are working on specifics of the daily agenda and course overview.


I’m teaming up with high vibration yoga teachers and other talented holistic health practitioners for a unique experience. We are powerfully combining Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing, Acupuncture, Ayurveda and natural health discussions, in a relaxing and nurturing setting.


You will experience healing on a whole new level and take home real tools and a personal plan to empower you for a lifetime. Experience Vibrational Healing and empower yourself to wellness. Experience a Travel and Leisure five-star destination!