The Power of Energy Healing and Vibrational Medicine

The complexity of physics and the understanding of the quantum field that lies at the heart of all existence and connects to the zero point field may not be fully understood by many (many!).

However, it is the art and science of vibrational healing that holds deep metaphysical and spiritual truth.

Because the quantum field is the space of collective consciousness it is known as an informational field. Our bodies read this information and manifest in the physical. When this field is activated with intention in the mind it can create what some would call a miracle.

Energy Healing is Vibrational Healing

It is simple and it is complex. It is the ancient knowledge that is only now being reawakened on this planet. It was powerful in ancient times and is our future of healing and wellness, and it is our birth rite, holding the wisdom of nature at her deepest level.

Everything is energy, everything vibrates and everything is connected. We are all one with the entire universe and we are all vibrating and transforming energy. Energy never stands still it is forever in motion. Everything that exists, seen and unseen, holds vibration and frequency.


Understanding this simple truth is key to understanding our entire universe and our connection to everything.


The scientific world is deeply complex and has ruled our health and wellness in a limited way in modern times. It is high time that it focuses on Quantum Healing. This deeper aspect of its scientific core is that it is spiritual and connects to energy at the original source.

The quantum field is the new frontier of medicine. This knowledge will soon be widely understood by society and will be recognized as one of the greatest leaps in understanding of mankind as a whole.

For decades there have been new discoveries in science and how it relates to health and wellness. However, only the surface has been touched and we are now rediscovering the power of energy and how we all can use it to manifest wellness on all levels.

There has been so much newest and latest and greatest but we are often missing the simple truth of the energy that is present in everything.

Shifting our perspective to a vibrational level reveals the truth

…of how all things work, and how all things can be healed.

Many cultures have studied the body’s energy fields for thousands of years. They speak different languages but connect to the same truth. Energy healing is based on the scientific principles of vibrational frequencies and patterns and is totally accessible to all.


It’s as simple as this: high vibration, low vibration. Change the frequency and change the result.


High vibrational foods, thoughts, and actions can reset and heal us. To heal on the Quantum level we tap into it and hold the power with intention in our mind. Thoughts change frequency and then manifest in the physical and emotional bodies.

Energy Healing is restoring flow and vibration and Energy Healers are the conduits who help to shift and repair that misguided energy.

We are spiritual light before we become physical. Our physical body still holds this light frequency in the form of subatomic particles that are waves of information that vibrate and hold information.

We are made up of light energy, as is everything around us. Allowing this light to vibrate at a high frequency manifests health and wellness on all levels.

Energy Healing really is a broad term that stimulates and transforms the energy flow in and around the body to restore balance on all levels and in all dimensions. This not only enables the physical body to heal but also the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

LOVE: the vibration that creates and the vibration that heals

There are hundreds of defined modalities and they all have their place. Pure ancient lineages hold energy that has not been distorted by ego. Love is the highest vibration and should be focused upon.

Energy Healing and Vibrational Medicine | Paula Sockolich

Some examples of effective Energy Healing that are being used in the modern world that are well known are those such as:

  • Acupuncture
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Ayurveda
  • Homeopathy

Quantum Healing modalities such as Reiki and Divine Intervention are slowly starting to be embraced as well. The vast number of other vibrational modalities include color, light & sound healing, crystal & gemstone healing, flower essences, essential oils & aromatherapy, sacred geometry, and many more.

Trust your intuition in finding a practitioner or experiencing a new modality.

If it doesn’t feel right, follow your intuition and trust it. It is all energy, and I urge you to listen to its truth – YOUR truth.

Is Sacred Healing and Vibrational Medicine modalities a good fit for YOUR healing journey?


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