Divine Intervention - Where The Impossible Becomes Possible | Paula Sockolich

Divine Intervention – Where The Impossible Becomes Possible

Divine Intervention is a powerful form of Energy Healing passed down through an unbroken lineage of Master Healers from Mexico and South America.

It is an Ancient Mayan Shamanic Healing that works on the Quantum Level.

The Multi-dimensional Healing Modality

Divine Intervention heals the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies at once and restores harmony and balance. It holds frequencies that cultivate spiritual alignment, bringing you home to your highest self, and manifests lasting change.

It is one of the most sacred prayers known and heals on a very deep level, and may be referred to as the loudest, most specific prayer that calls the forces of nature and Heaven hand-in-hand.

Through a TRAINED HEALER, the laws of larger physics come into play by utilizing a specific dimension and hertz frequency. This enables the physical and spiritual to take action in the same instant to create a miracle. The possibility that the body may return to its natural state of wholeness jumps astronomically.

Divine Intervention Goes To The Root Cause of the Imbalance

This vibrational frequency shifts us quickly and defies physical law. What no longer serves our energetic body falls away when the electric and magnetic energies split. Space is held for the Divine to manifest. Source is called upon and directs the highest healing wisdom with the power of the Divine. It addresses the root cause and the spiritual root cause of the imbalance.

To heal we must be open to it. Our state of consciousness, emotional overlays, amount of repressed emotions, and original cause play an important part of the process. No matter how good the energy, until someone’s lesson is learned or they totally put their dis-ease into the hands of the higher power, healing comes at its own natural pace or not at all.

Creating a connection with Source that supersedes most belief systems and most scientific results cause astonishing and inspiring events. Miracles come in many packages!

Divine Intervention - Where the Impossible Becomes Possible | Paula Sockolich

The energy flowing into the natural healing process increases as energetic blockages are removed from the subtle bodies and the physical body. We clean out and heal in layers. Our purpose to heal is to let go of the blocks and negativity and ascend higher in our true Divine light.


It is our intention that focuses the healing to take place.


This ancient technology is beneficial for all issues that require healing. It is the miraculous release of dis-ease, discord, and miscreation. It is a direct connection to Source, the creator, and healer of all.

Are you looking for a sacred gift that can be used daily to bring you healing in this time of frenzied change?

Let’s talk about how we can bring this ancient practice into your day, and create true wellness from within.


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