• Experience a DEEP Energetic Healing

    and get back into your flow

Break Free from anything holding you back.

End Your Suffering.

Blossom to a Higher Spiritual Level.


You’re trying to get somewhere, do something more, make something happen or get out of pain, but no matter how much work, coaching or positive affirmation talk you have done – it STILL feels like you’re hitting a brick wall.


It’s not your fault.


Energies are always around you. They hold past traumas, negative energies and subconscious blockages that you can’t even see!


This is the deeper level of healing that will set you free.


Is an Ancient Mayan Modality that works on a quantum level. A level you can't see or touch, where things really manifest.

Energy Healing is bringing back your vibrational frequency into harmonic alignment.

Divine Intervention is a type of energetic healing where the impossible becomes possible.  

It is the miraculous release of dis-ease, discord and mis-creation.

Divine Intervention goes to the spiritual root cause and manifests lasting change. 

This is FRESH & MODERN Spiritual Healing

  • I’ve been healing others for over 32 years.

    I’ve been there. I have struggled, I have suffered and I have HEALED energetically. I want you to heal too.

    I use this incredibly powerful modality to weave a tapestry of years of study and spiritual guidance to help heal you wherever you are on your journey.

    PLUS I integrate numerous natural and integrative approaches specific to you as we all hold different energies and are not all the same.

    This work is CUSTOM TO YOU!

    I'm able to see YOUR patterns, negative energy, past traumas, subconscious blockages.  

    I will relay messages from Spirit and give you intuitive guidance and insights to take with you.

Whatever is bothering you, wherever you are stuck, I can help you heal and manifest vibrant wellness.


Maybe you’re feeling sick, emotional or in some sort of pain. Maybe you just feel like there’s something in the way of your success and abundance.
No matter what the presenting problem is, there’s always a deeper layer of healing for me to get to, AKA – the root cause!
When I work on this level, you will be able to move through pain, suffering or hidden blockages and prosper physically, spiritually and emotionally.



I’ve worked with many women who have been held back by: 
Fertility and Women’s Health issues
Self Esteem and Self Worth issues
Emotional issues, fears, anxiety, depression, anger, etc.
Grief and Loss
Heartache from divorce or failed relationships
Physical pain and chronic discomfort
Health imbalances and disease states
Just to name a few… 


I also help with life advancement such as: 

Achieving personal goals
Meeting “the-one”
Your Soul’s true purpose
Creating more wealth
Enjoying better relationships
Making big life changes
Tuning Up and Re-centering


In a Divine Intervention Energy Healing Session

We’ll meet and talk about your presenting issues & what you would like to achieve in your life.
I then go to work to get to the root of the issues, your specific energetic stuff.
You’ll get guidance given to me from Spirit and your energetic blockages will dissipate.


You may experience:

*Powerful and quick shifts that move you forward.

*Deeper spiritual reflection and insight to empower the weaker aspects of the self, in order to consciously heal.

*Feeling lighter, re-focused, happier with a clear direction

*Emotional & physical pain being lifted with a deeper connection with higher self

*Miraculous health recoveries

*Releasing of old patterns

*Healing of heartache

*Deeper sense of self love



After our session, things in your life will change; opportunities may arise, fears can subside & your desires will manifest. 


The investment for a custom 60-minute session is $200.

You can reserve a session by paying here:


Send me a message to book your session here:




quick fire check ins

I highly recommend experiencing a Divine Energy Healing Session first.
In these readings I can give you guidance on 1 or 2 things that may be stuck in your energy field

Investment: $50 for 15 mins 

Book a Reading

Can’t wait to guide you!



Jeanine | California

Before I worked with Paula I felt I was stuck on a rollercoaster of highs and lows. I felt I was doing my best, and I was, with my limited tools, but I was not making the progress I wanted.

I experienced relief, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical and a much greater overall awareness of self. The result I achieved with just one session with Paula is happiness, unadulterated happiness, peacefulness and more patience. I feel focused, energized and more connected to everything with more love in my heart.

The information and tools Paula provided me would have taken me years to gather on my own!

Jennifer Alfarao | California

Paula is one of a kind. It is almost impossible to put into words the powerful impact Paula will have on your life.

Paula is able to give me a sense of peace which I sometimes long for but can’t find myself. After my healings, I literally feel like a different person. My life makes sense and I know it will all be okay.

Paula provides me with insight I absolutely can’t get from anyone else.

With her extreme knowledge and unique abilities, she will help the whole YOU and not just a part of you. No matter what you might be going through, you will most definitely truly benefit from working with her. You will walk away feeling so much better than when you first walked in.

Ashley Irvine | California

I walked into sessions with feelings of fear of not getting pregnant, shame that I lost a baby and that somehow it was my fault, or anxiety about it happening again even though I have a healthy pregnancy.

Once leaving sessions with Paula I always felt lighter, like a weight had been lifted. You feel like someone completely validated your innermost emotions.

The next day, I would think about these emotions and feel so differently about them. I felt trusting that a baby would come to me in divine timing, I was released of guilt and had an influx of strength from my miscarriage and felt like it was something I was meant to share with other moms, and now being pregnant again I am truly in the moment, feeling blessed.

Going to see Paula shifts your energy, mind and heart in ways that no other type of healing work can. I owe it all to Paula’s healing work for keeping me calm, positive, open to spirit and trusting in divine timing!