How to create a sacred space with feng shui

How To Create Your Own Sacred Space With Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment.  It translates to “wind-water” in English. Being mindful of how energy affects a room or space is important to healing, balancing, and manifesting in our lives.


In Chinese, energy is known as Chi and it should always be vibrant and flow easily within our environment as well as physical body.


Our homes and spaces that we reside in support us in our daily lives.  Some spaces may be overburdened with items of clutter, disorganized patterns, unbalanced emotions, which may cause confusion, distraction or depression.  These energies can prevent one from getting a job, finding a mate, or having good health.

Basic Feng Shui includes the following principles:

  • clearing clutter
  • getting good quality air and light
  • recognizing the energy map of your home (i.e. north, south, east and west grid systems)
  • utilize the basic elements in order to create balance and vibrant energy (i.e. Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water)
  • nourishing your home with your birth element (Earth, Air, Water, Fire)
  • being mindful of the quality of energy in your home – especially in the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen


Sending positive loving intentions to your home and personal space raises the vibration of it.  A happy home radiates love and peace.  We can feel this when we enter a space and intuitively know when spaces don’t feel good.  


We can clear energy of most spaces by resetting them through new paint, color, fabric, objects and recharging them energetically with intention.


Sacred space is an intentional space you create to honor, respect and manifest the Divine. Many indigenous cultures have traditional ceremonies and rituals that use the energies of nature to balance our surroundings, our souls, and our minds.


The energetic gift of nature has the earth to ground us, the trees to support us, the ocean to calm us, the blue sky to open our thinking and the winds to clear out our daily thoughts.


Create a Sacred Space With Intention

It is a space that helps you pause, and reset to the things that really matter, being kind to yourself, practicing gratitude and forgiveness and loving the world and all those who inhabit it.  It is where we cultivate and nourish the sense of awe and wonder in our lives.


Setting apart a space for meditation, rituals or daily reminders is a powerful thing we all can do.  It allows us to make a mental, emotional and energetic space to receive and manifest higher vibrations into our energetic environment and personal being.  


Creating a sacred space can be done simply in a corner of a room, on a shelf in a bookcase or in a small space dedicated to that energy.  It can be large or small, be creatively inspired by interior design objects or just a collection of things that move and inspire you in a sacred way.  

How to create a sacred space with feng shui

Beautiful candles, objects, crystals and gemstones, things of spiritual meaning for you can be used. Express your soul in the way that feels the most comfortable to you. Smudging with Sage, Palo Santo, or Frankincense energetically helps clears the space. 


This is your sanctuary and a place you can return to reset and remind you that you are a beautiful being of light, full of love and capable of manifesting the miraculous in your life.  


It’s a place where we intentionally raise our vibration through our thoughts and heartfelt desires.  We can change it, rearrange it or add to it.  Listen to your intuition as it is our heartfelt guide.


Interior Designers can inspire us through photographs of the beauty and energy their work invokes. You can expand your sacred space throughout your whole home or separate rooms to amplify your own unique energy signature. The aesthetic of a home creates energy in and of itself.


Creating a room full of positive energy helps to heal us and also keep us in balance.  Fresh, clean and free of clutter allows energy to move freely.  Put life into your living space and it will give life and energy back to you.


Love from your heart, create, hold gratitude, stay inspired and manifest your dreams through intention and the expression of your soul. Feng Shui is truly the art of modern living that was born out of an ancient practice of harmonization.


I invite you to use the ancient knowledge of other cultures and nature to help you to create a beautiful energetic living space. Feng Shui can be considered the art of modern living!


For a few more easy daily habits that will allow even more energy to flow into your healing journey, download the Guide to 3 Daily Habits That Will Create Wellness From Within by clicking the image below.

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