I have always had a deep thirst for learning and desire for truth. Gathering that wisdom has been mystical at times and has drawn me to focus on how we truly heal.

It is much deeper than the scientific, it is spiritual in nature.

During my education and training early on in my career, I realized that there was something more than what I was learning and applying in the clinical setting.

I had learned a holistic approach but this still wasn’t enough. There was a gap between the physical and the spiritual. I experienced it in my own life with my own health issues. It was there where I started weaving the tapestry of my western training, spiritual experiences and many ancient healing modalities and philosophies.   

I am a natural born intuitive. 

I could see that there was more to healing. I could feel it. I dedicated a major portion of my life to fine-tuning this gift and learning many other healing modalities so I could be of service to others in a much deeper way.

I have taken care of some very sick and critically ill babies and children. I have worked with their families and have helped them through some of the most difficult times in their lives. I have seen joy and happiness and have also seen suffering and painful grief and loss.

Personally, I had struggled early on in my life with imbalance, pain and not feeling well. Western medicine was not helping me at the level that I needed. I was guided to turn to the deeper aspects of healing.

I experienced a complete shift in wellness and found myself learning everything I possibly could about health from a completely different perspective. I learned how to take control of my physical health, emotional well-being, mental mindset and spiritual power.

I got in tune with myself naturally, and I healed.

I am much healthier now than I was then and continue to live my life embracing these ancient and natural modalities to stay in balance.

It is The Art of Ancient Healing®

We All Have Battle Wounds

A scar can tell someone a lot about you and the strength you endured through the experience. They make a good story.

Some can be seen and others are hidden from view. They never truly go away, they just fade a bit and you learn to love them as a part of you. They allow your soul to speak, and they allow your soul to heal.

I have many stories, perhaps even some great ones!  They are the struggles that helped transform me.

Some are very personal and privately shared and some are not. Some are told with tears and some are told like a comedy show, and I still laugh at myself when I share them.

Like the skiing accident that almost crippled me, the 105.9 fever on Super Bowl Sunday and various other physical and emotional mishaps. Trust me, I will keep you entertained!

The ones that challenged me the most were the ones that had the most impact.  They were more difficult to overcome. They are the ones that shifted me on an energetic and spiritual level.

I Empowered The Divine Feminine.

A bigger issue for me was standing up for my divine feminine being and to balance that girl, and that woman, in a way that Western medicine said was impossible to do.

They wanted to control my hormones and my body…they wanted to control my life.

So much of my energy was being taken away from me and I reached a point where I said, “Hey wait a minute!” and ultimately took back my power.  

Women’s health and magical cycles have a wisdom all their own. I connected to that wisdom and learned all the natural things to embrace and to feel whole again. I went deep and tapped into that energy.  

As women, we are sensitive and powerful at the same time. We are connected to the energy of creation. It is the vibration of nature that cured me, and this experience in my life has allowed me to truly understand the divine feminine and the struggle she sometimes endures.

It has been a lifelong experience for me, which has opened up in layers, like a blossoming flower. I want to share that we are not alone as women. We can heal, and we can be our miracle.  

A Spiritual Time Out

The turning point for me in my life happened back in November 2011 with a near-death experience.

This was the catalyst that really pushed me forward into reaching out to help heal others.  It was a pivotal time in my life and the work that I do.

It is what I am called to do.

I had tripped crossing the tracks and knocked myself unconscious in front of an oncoming train. Head cracked open, I was completely surrendered to the Divine as the train approached with seconds to spare.

I had left my body and became one with spirit, seeing and receiving messages from the Angels and Archangels.

I was completely at peace. I just didn’t have a body.

It was the “emergent see” of my life and strengthened my intuitive gift.  The head trauma and rewiring of my brain from a bad concussion was really hard and picking up the pieces of my life after, was even more difficult.

It is not a story too many people live to tell…and I know without a doubt, that I am here to do this Sacred Healing work and help YOU heal on YOUR journey in life.

My healing path has given me the opportunity to work with world-class scientists and clinicians.  My mission is to powerfully shift and heal people in ways unknown to many.

I am grateful and blessed to have worked with teachers who have taught me deeper spiritual truths and handed down the most powerful ancient healing techniques that I will share with YOU.

What this path has shown me is to look deeper, to read between the lines, to uncover truth, and to love more.

I haven’t given up my previous training.  I still bring all of that to the table. I have made the commitment to bridge the gap between Western Medicine and Vibrational Energy Medicine, the medicine of the future.  We need both to deeply awaken and change the way we all approach health, wellness, and healing.

It is my unique approach to the universal truths of healing that will help heal all aspects of YOU on levels you thought were impossible. It is transformational healing.

I have extensively studied many world religions, cultures and spiritual philosophies and I know one thing for sure…LOVE.

We all seek love and acceptance and we all want to heal and feel vibrantly healthy.


  • Registered Nurse for over 35 years with extensive experience in clinical, education, holistic healing and management roles
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Mount St. Mary’s University in Los Angeles and did coursework towards a Masters at UCLA
  • Experience working at major teaching hospitals in the United States and have also supported World Health, working International Medical Missions in Third World Countries
  • Professional certifications and training in both Western and Energy Medicine

Training and studies in Energy & Holistic Healing modalities:

  • Certified Divine Intervention Master Healer
  • Certified Intra-Dimensional Web working Master Healer
  • Certified 22-Strand DNA Activation Healer
  • Certified Kabbalist
  • Certified Usui Reiki Master Healer and Teacher
  • Certified Chakra Healer
  • Reverend and Spiritual Leader
  • Advanced Spiritual Training in Sacred Geometry, Light Language and other Esoteric and Metaphysical Studies.
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Yoga
  • Extensively studied and applied Holistic modalities such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Essential Oils


I work with Divine Spirit in the highest Christ light.  I am able to quickly tune into the energetic field, seeing symbols, colors and receiving messages for YOU.

I work to clear emotional, spiritual and physical blocks, empowering YOU and supporting the YOUR path to complete and total wellness.


NUTRITION & LIFESTYLE are also crucially important as they impact the whole person on a vibratory level as well.  This is something I am mindful of in my own life and am happy to share this knowledge and also guide you when we’re working together.


Let me empower you on your own journey of intuitive healing and wellness and feel better naturally.

About Paula Sockolich

It is the Sacred Lotus that rises up through the darkness and blooms.

“The struggle of heartaches is to keep moving forward, to fully experience it, to fall and lift up again, and ascend from the darkness. Never give up hope, even in your darkest, quietest, tear-filled, heart wrenched moments, come back to your heart center, your light, God’s light within you and never stop believing.”


Some things you probably don’t know about me…

*I can pogo stick for hours

*I sang professionally

*I backpacked in Europe for 10 weeks

*I lived in Spain and learned Spanish

*I don’t like getting my hair cut, and at times get mental over the color!

*I love to laugh and am easily amused with ridiculous humor

*I am a practical joker

*I am a published Author…“The Inner Circle Chronicles, Book 2…Intuitive Women Leaders of the New Economy, Transforming Lives and Businesses with Divine Heart and Soul Around the World”